Peace, no War.

“Peace” was designed for daily wearing. This collection was the most popular one, simply because the retail price was very acceptable and had lots colours. Well, so far we know, if you would like to have a successful footwear business, you may try to offer two things: reasonable price and lots of beautiful colours. That might work! (“Peace” did work).

This is the design for the hardware attached to the shoes.

Peace改五金詢價1 Peace系列(改五金) Peace系列(空白)

One of the main ideas behind “Peace” was to allow people to bring a pair of shoes with them, in case it rains or your high heels have given you tired feet. Therefore, I also made a few promotional campaigns for Full Creator.


聯合廣告稿1030 AD0104-4

FC Summer Stripy

Nordic Summer


Now then, let’s see how many colours we had.

8S3C2695 8S3C2692 IMG_0294


IMG_0684 IMG_0683 IMG_0682






IMG_0854 IMG_0852 IMG_0847 IMG_0842

This is the most exciting part of my job. I designed the shoes, logo, campaigns, and I selected the materials (decided colours).