First Prize (Twice!) 2015

I was awarded by the Footwear & Recreation Technology Research Institute (Taiwan) in June, 2015. The competition took half year to process (I had insomnia for nearly that long). I received two awards, and here they are…


I won First Prize in the Women’s…


…and Men’s Fashion Footwear Categories.

P1130660 (1)


The “2015 Taiwan Footwear Design Competition” was actually the qualifying contest for entering the “2015 Shoes and Leather Trade Show, Guangzhou”. Candidates who won categories in the Taiwan competition, were entered into the main competition in China.

Here are the stories of how each winning design was developed.

(The first round prototypes) The idea of men’s shoes is inspired by birds and Roman gladiators. The two inspirations were meant to present the softer parts of men, but also express their masculinity.


DSC_0658 DSC_0657

The idea of women’s shoes differs from the design for the men’s. It challenged the possibilities of the structure of shoes and traditional ways of manufacturing which, typically consists of two main parts, an inner and an outer. The technician had to make two parts then assemble them together.

DSC_0655 DSC_0653


DSC07543-s DSC07542-s DSC07540-s

Despite not receiving an award in the final stage in China, I truly enjoyed the process involved in entering the competition, as well as the development of prototypes. I will work harder, and hope I get more luck for the forthcoming competition in 2016.